Trojan War
The Real Story

Trojan War Map There is now a large number of new discoveries and information available about the Trojan War period.
A growing number of experts including leading Professors will tell you that the Trojan War really did happen in Western Europe and not in the Greek and Turkish Mediterranean area.
The new detailed evidence available includes: Trojan War weapons, Trojan War Ship Wrecks, War Diary Papyrus, DNA Evidence, Historic Remains, Maps, Place Names, Ancient Historic Writings and Language Use.
If you are new to the reality of the Trojan War, the clear ancient evidence ignored for millenia may will surprise you. The following links and information are provided to help you discover the truth about the Trojan War Period and the real City of Troy.
Trojan War Discovery Links
Trojan War Ship Wrecks
TROY The Real Story (TV Documentary Series)
More info click here 
Watch Documentary Trailer click here 

Where Troy Once Stood (extracts from the book)
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Pages 4 to 6 (includes maps) click here 
Pages 7 to 9 click here 
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Pages 13 to 15 click here 
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The Trojan Kings of England (Lecture - Classical Society University of Cambridge)
Full lecture text click here 

Troy in England website (more information) click here 

Where Troy Once Stood (extract from the book)
References for research (select bibliography) click here 

Where Troy Once Stood (find the book)
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